American Indie Pop band, COIN, formed in 2012 when four boys in Nashville, Tennessee blended their talents together. Now, with two albums released and fans all over the country, they have just kicked off their latest tour. Recently I had the pleasure to speak with COIN front man, Chase Lawrence, about their current U.S. tour, sophomore album, and the band’s success so far.

Since the release of their second album, How Will You Know If You Never Try, their fan base has been even more passionate and supportive, “Each show is like a different family reunion in every city,” Lawrence said. Many fans attend multiple shows on the same tour and even stand outside of venues for hours to guarantee a spot close to the stage, “The level of commitment and energy from the fans so far has been wild,” Lawrence said.

While this tour is not COIN’s first, it proves to be a special one for them, “This [tour] is unlike anything we have ever experienced before. This is our third tour and second overall U.S. headlining tour. Those tours have been very special and wild, but this is just a new kind of thing. We play rooms like two times the size that we are used to, on our own,” Lawrence said.

COIN managed to produce an incredible second album, but even for them, the sophomore slump was unavoidable at one point. They eventually resourced to locking themselves away to find the inspiration and focus that they needed to get it done. “It is not totally different, it’s still COIN, but [on this album] you can tell the sound happened at once,” Lawrence said.

The boys plan to open each show with new song, Growing Pains, which will officially be released this Friday, Feb. 9. They are also already looking forward to releasing new music, after only having released their latest album in the last year.

As for who will open for them each night, COIN chose female band, The Aces to join them on the road, “When we pick our openers, we try to do something that is different than our show. As a concert goer I would not want to just see another four guys go on before we go on,” Lawrence said. “I shouldn’t have to say that The Aces are an all-female band, like that shouldn’t be a novelty–it should be the norm.” Luckily for them, it is always easy to mesh with their openers because of their shared passion for music. 

While they are on the road, Coffee shops and vintage stores are the move for this foursome of twenty-something musicians, “we love coffee and we also go to vintage stores, we try to find the best coffee and the best vintage stores in each city,” Lawrence said. 

To hear Lawrence and the rest of the band perform their new album live, COIN will be headlining for the first time in Cleveland on February 18 at the House of Blues. Additionally, for drummer Ryan Winnen, who grew up in Cleveland, it will be a homecoming. This show will be one you won’t want to miss.