So Cal’s Redeem/Revive have set out to free your mind and hit refresh on the post-hardcore genre by dropping their debut full-length under Stay Sick Records. The band dropped their album ‘Free Minds’ on March 3rd, giving fans 10 solid tracks of head-bangers that are more than worthy of being moshed to for years to come.

Redeem/Revive formed in 2012 with members coming together from their own various projects to create a band with a unique sound and dedication to the music scene. They dropped their self-titled EP in October of 2013 with very positive feedback from fans. Despite the attention and the momentum the band was gaining, it wasn’t until September 2015 that the band announced their signing to Stay Sick Records, following up with an announcement that they were working on their full-length to be released in early 2017.

The long awaited album has proven to be well worth the wait. The central theme of “freeing your mind” is apparent throughout the album with the lyrics being open and honest about the band’s struggles to get where they are today. The first track on the album – “Revive” – opens up the theme by laying it all out there on the table. The harsh vocals and clean chorus compliment each other well, while the catchy lyrics will have you singing along before the song ends.

“Call To Arms” brings us those killer gang vocals, you know, the ones you and your friends like to sing obnoxiously to in the car. Redeem/Revive chose to steer clear of being subtle in their lyrics with this one, letting everyone know “We found our place, we’re here to stay”. “Omen” pulls you in from the beginning with beautiful and entrancing instrumentation that not only transforms throughout the song, but does a phenomenal job at accentuating the emotion behind the lyrics.

Proving that this band can pull out all the stops, “Forty-Nine Thirty” slows us down and allows us to really appreciate the lyrical aspect of Redeem/Revive overlapped over a simplistic ballad. Don’t get too comfortable though as the rougher emotional aspect of the song kicks us into overdrive about 3/4 of the way through the song.

“Free Minds” is not your typical post-hardcore album. Yes it has it’s generic tracks, but the entire album itself is so multi-dimensional that it can be easily overlooked. Redeem/Revive takes a genre that most have become so complacent in and hits the refresh button, bringing on new twist on a popular genre that’s been long overdue. You can purchase “Free Minds” and learn more about the band at the links below:

Redeem/Revive – Facebook

Free Minds via iTunes

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