Two of the biggest duos from the ‘80s hit the Quicken Loans Arena stage on Saturday night.  Multi-platinum artists Tears for Fears and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Hall and Oates both played inspired sets that had the crowd singing and swaying all night long.

The blue-eyed soul of Hall and Oates was on display from the opening chords of “Family Man” to the last strands of “You Make My Dreams.”                                                                                                                                                     Hall, who recently turned 70, yes, incredibly that is correct, still has a great voice and Oates still has a youthful charm as he bee-bopped around the stage.  

Songs from every aspect from their career were played throughout the set.  A spot-on sax solo highlighted “Maneater,” the surprisingly underrated “Did It In A Minute” sounded great and a nice cover of “You Lost That Loving Feeling”  which Hall called “one of the greatest songs ever written” were all played early in the show.

Hall and Oates were backed by a tight six piece band that featured a guitarist, saxophonist, drummer, percussionist, keyboardist and bassist.  This group was given the leeway to extend a couple of songs and take them in a different direction before coming back to the original arrangement.

Towards the end of the set, Hall ventured over to a new black baby grand piano to play “Sara Smile” which included an extended guitar solo.  After “Wait For Me,” Hall sat at his piano and soaked in the applause and said “There is nothing better to say than- this is fucking awesome!”

Ending the set with “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do),” the band returned to the stage for a four song encore.  After starting “Kiss On My List” something went wrong with Daryl’s keyboards making him stop and say “What the f happened?  This is a professional show!”  After a tech came out to fix the problem, Hall quipped “That’s a five dollar fine, Justin!  At least five dollars!”  Then the band picked up right where they stopped and finished the song perfectly.

Ending the sixteen song set was the happy-go-lucky “You Make My Dreams” which saw several people dancing in their seats and boogieing on the floor.

English pop duo Tears for Fears were also on the bill and took fans back to the summer of ‘85 when they were on the top of the charts.  Taking the stage to Lorde’s unique version of “Everybody Wants To Rule The World,” the band then played the version of that song that put them on the map in the US.

It became a hit parade as “Secret World,” “Sowing The Seeds Of Love” and their first hit “Mad World” were played at the start of their set.

After a great version of Radiohead’s “Creep,”  Curt Smith mentioned that the band spent a nice couple of days in Cleveland.  Noting the great food and great coffee shops that they found.  

Two more selections from their breakout album Songs From The Big Chair, “Head Over Heels” and “Shout” ended the flashback from the summer of ‘85.

Newcomer Alan Stone played a three song opening set that included a cover of Aretha Franklin and two impressive original numbers.  This artist is a throwback to the Motown era and has a smooth delivery. I am looking forward to hearing more from him in the future.