The unmistakable voice of Grammy Award winner Kathy Mattea explores music’s most basic human essence through timeless melodies and uplifting narratives. Singer, musician, songwriter, public speaker, activist: Mattea’s music and message have taken her to venues across America from Maine to Alaska, and overseas from England to Morocco, from college campuses to capitol buildings, and from festivals to concert halls. On Saturday October 8, 2016 Mattea will be making a concert appearance at the one and only Akron Tangier.

The show starts at 8:30pm and will be quite the musically memorable evening.

Mattea’s music has spoken to millions of people during her twenty-plus years as a singer, songwriter, and recording artist. In recent years she has found a growing audience for the words and ideas she has to offer on a variety of issues, ranging from arts education to finding your creative path to global climate change. Often interweaving her message with musical selections, Kathy’s presentations seek to provide her audience with spiritual nourishment: food not only for thought, but also for the soul.

Happy to be touring again after taking some time off last year to readjust and rethink where she wanted to go musically and “play for the sake of playing,” Mattea said, “I spent a lot of time in my living room with my guitar and my guitarist Bill Cooley, and we just have gone over songs and explored nooks and crannies of the kind of songs that I never would have tried before.”

Back performing with the versatile Cooley since last fall, Mattea is bringing her homey approach to you with a show called “The Acoustic Living Room.”

So while her country chestnuts are still part of the act, she also delves into blues and jazz on an intimate musical journey that includes “all kinds of crazy things that I never would do otherwise.”

Kathy Mattea will be performing at The Akron Tangier Saturday October 8, 2016 at 8:30pm. Ticket prices range from $43-50 and can be purchased online at or over the phone by calling the box office at (330) 376-7171.