Gemini Syndrome has made Northeast Ohio a kind of surrogate home having played in and around the area quite a bit in the last year or so. I’ve been fortunate to have seen them on several occasions now – playing both larger festival stages and small intimate club settings. For me, the true test of talent comes from consistently and without hesitation always bringing your A-game to whatever venue the bus is parked in front of and Gemini Syndrome has never even once thought of bringing anything less than perfection.

On Sept. 19th the band pulled into Lakewood Ohio to rock a quaint, very personal little club called The Winchester Music Tavern. More and more of these neighborhood type of music houses have popped up across the North Coast and each one brings their own flavor and flare for audiences to enjoy as well as bringing the band up close and personal to the fans. This was my first time visiting the club and I will without a doubt return soon as I really enjoyed my time spent covering the show there.

Due to arriving a bit late – I missed the opening band but the word for those in attendance was that Ancient Vvisdom crushed it. Rather pissed I missed their set – not going to lie, next time my friends.

I have and still do find describing Gemini Syndrome’s sound a difficult thing to explain. Yes – it’s metal, yes – it’s alternative, yes – it’s hard rock and yet, it’s none of those things. Gemini Syndrome has managed to craft their own sound – their own niche in a world and at a time when so many bands and artists are carbon copies or rip-offs of past sounds or a rehash of things we’ve seen and heard a thousand times over – Gemini Syndrome is a true original. Frontman Aaron Nordstrom is spectacular and delivers a one of a kind performance – every time you see him – not an easy feat to pull off.

Out in support of Memento Mori – their latest effort – the band is in the opening stages of a fall tour that soon leads them to dates in much larger venues in the coming weeks as part of the Judas Rising Tour along with Fozzy and The Stir. If you can catch them at one of these small club shows – I highly recommend you do so as I truly do believe that Gemini Syndrome is on the cusp of breaking huge.

Far too many highlights in this set to sit here and attempt to break them all down and seriously how many times can you praise a performance before it just becomes ridiculous but – “Sorry Not Sorry”, “Remember We Die” and for me, still the standout number from the whole set – “Stardust”.

The takeaway is this – if Gemini Syndrome comes to perform anywhere near you and you’re not in the audience – you’re a damn fool.

Can’t state it any clearer than that.

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A lifelong Northeast Ohioian - Dave has followed the local music scene since the mid 70's. Cutting his teeth on MSB, Breathless, Southside Johnny and KISS - his music interests have veered into the world of metal while still firmly planted in the classic hair bands of his youth. Also, a huge horror movie fan - Dave works for horror legend Tom Savini and can often be found in a darkened theater on any given day.