Did ya’ll know vinyl record sales are up and growing nowadays? Vintage trends are coming back, shattering the cycle of time. There must be something in the air because I keep seeing fresh bands popping up, sounding as if they’re a reunion band that didn’t leave their mark– just yet!!

Down below are only a few of my favorites that takes me way, WAY back!

Greta Van Fleet. The first time I heard this band on the radio, my silly head thought ‘Led Zeppelin got a new album!’ Then it hit me! My buddy told me it was Greta Van Fleet and I was cheechin over the similarities! These four Michigan kids are letting their old souls play and live with the help of each other’s differences and dynamics.

Three of the members are family: Jake and Josh are 21-year-old twins, while keyboard and bassist Sam Kiszka is their 18-year-old brother. In their cover-band days, they had him playing biker bars at age 12!  The fourth member is the drummer Danny Wagner, 18 is one of the few kids in their little town: Frankenmuth. This place is where they all found their sound through the love of traditional blues– that’s where their true roots lay.

These guys are true magicians– I mean musicians, that are in it to change the world rather than the hidden agenda for many musicians– to make money. They put a lot of thought and themselves into their art- even the two albums out have play-on words: The first is Black Smoke Rising and the newest one is titled: From The Fires. I’m a big fan of this type of free strategy to music, making a mountain out of a molehill- and it was a really nice molehill!  

Alabama Shakes. If you haven’t heard of them yet, I’m glad you’re reading this! This band is taking whatever their heart desires, by storm! I was blown away when I heard them! Especially on their new album: Sound & Color. To me- they have this minimal energy about them, but what they do with that energy is very meaning-full, genre-bending, classy, and sometimes a bit quirky.

The music truly comes from the heart when they write and have no worries about judgement. Which speaks colours since they got a nod for Best New Artist when Shakes’ 2012 debut album: Boys & Girls set up the gang for three Grammy nominations! This achievement helped the band– bassist Zac Cockrell, drummer Steve Johnson, Frontman Howard, guitarist Heath Fogg, and touring keyboardists Paul Horton and Ben Tanner–breakthrough to the other side of the curtain of fame including performing on Saturday Night Live. After that blast off to success, they mentioned a wave of pressure, but they all let that pass and moved forward, so they don’t have boundaries or limitations in their creations. That right there explains their dynamic timeline sounds.

Gary Clark Jr. Is a very intelligent, hardworking, Austin-born songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist that many say is a revelation! He is an artist with a mound of inspirations and influences; since music and their masters like– Michael Jackson, Miles Davis, Marvin Gaye, Hendrix, (that’s not even half of it) — have been part of Gary’s life, in some form, since he was four years old. Ever since, that was the main aspect of his life– music. When he was a teen he made a local name for himself jamming with adult bands and ever since he’s growing and expanding; sharing the stage with local blues heros to– five years later- Beyonce.

I’m a big fan ‘cause his music has a pure old soul to it and makes my own soul smile. The full length debut, Blak And Blu album is still my favorite to listen to on a midnight drive and this guy gots lots of records out for your vinyl player! If you have not heard him yet, go for it!

This post is only a needle in a giant haystack to the throwbacks! Whatever is in the air nowadays is catching on in a good way because there are more artists stepping out together; to share the passion of bringing back fresh vintage sounds and finally leaving their mark! If you are ready to jump on board, there’s only one question to ask yourself: ‘Where around me, can I pick up a record player?’