#10 The Persuaded- The Reflections Tour

While relatively young, The Persuaded is a heavy hitting, ear wrenching, guitar shredding group out of Tennessee that is sure to cause a stir wherever they are. Their passion for what they do and what they play are evident in their playing and live performance. They are impossible to ignore and I look forward to seeing where they are in a few years.

#9 The Protest- PitFest 2016

If there is one thing that this list will do, it is prove that not every good live show is put on by a huge band name. That an artist doesn’t have to be signed or a huge name to give their all in a show, and make it memorable. This is exactly the case with the band that secured their spot as number 9 in the countdown. The Protest, hailing from Farmlands, Indiana, easily puts on one of the most entertaining shows that I have seen in a long time. They are high energy, high volume, and high momentum the entire time. As an audience member you have just as much fun watching as they do putting on the show.

#8 White Collar Sideshow- Bash On The Farm

If you are looking for something a little different, and thought provoking look no further than White Collar Sideshow. Their music by itself is enticing and melodic, but their live show causes the viewer to be entranced. Using multi media presentations during their entire set, they create an element that most artists will never tap into and they do it so seamlessly, you would think that you were watching a movie with a live sound track. Their unusual style and mastery of video and music have placed them at #8 in our countdown.

#7 Lecrae- The Destination Tour

After putting out an incredible mix-tape earlier in the year and an excellent tour run last year, I expected Lecrae to put on a pretty good show, yet was still blown away. He kept the crowd hyped and excited during the entire set. While playing newer releases he effortlessly mixed the old tracks in to appease even the most loyal fan. He was in full command of his audience and made the entire show an experience rather than a performance. Overall, extremely impressive.

#6 Foreveratlast and Spoken- The Back-to- School Bash

Let’s face it, this combination of artists is one of the best that music has to offer currently. Spoken’s experience was apparent in their control and stage presence. Even groups of middle and high school students were drawn in and captivated by a group that has been around the block a few times. In the same show however Foreveratlast shocked and blew away each audience member with their song selection and creativity in execution. If we are being honest, a Spoken and Foreveratlast Tour would certainly have a shot at the #1 spot on next year’s countdown if the same level of intensity and skill were put into it.

#5 Righteous Vendetta- Bash on the Farm

Righteous Vendetta is known for their high energy and their musical ability, however those two things are not usually able to coincide in live setting. Usually there is some give and take as to what a band can pull off musically, and what they can do while jumping around. Righteous Vendetta obliviously never got that memo. There is no other word for their music except for complicated. The riffs themselves are dizzying and the drum grooves downright terrifying if faced with the challenge of playing them. However, you never would have known that watching the group command the stage like they do. On top of their musical prowess, you just cannot help but smile because their fun loving attitudes are contagious. If you are looking to be blown away by an incredible artist’s live show, look no further than Righteous Vendetta.

#4 Red- 10th Anniversary Tour

This tour solidifies itself at #5 simply because every single band and act on it could easily have been a headliner on their own tour. Every single act was just as good as the last one. To date it was the only tour that had me just as in love with the opener as I was the headliner. The all-star line up dazzled concert goers with a show that should be in the record books for one of the best not just of the year but also of the decade.

#3 TobyMac- Camp Electric

There is just something about the veteran of CCM performing for a room full of musicians that makes the night special. In many ways the bar was raised and an example was set as TobyMac took the meaning of the term “live performance” to an entirely new level. It was energetic, engaging, interactive, and flawless. The incorporation of flags and choreography made the audience want to move as much as the band itself was. Toby has put on many performances, but this one ranks at #3 because of its level of intensity and professionalism.

#2 For Today- The Farewell Tour

It almost pains me to think that the first show that I had the chance to experience For Today at will be the last one I will have the opportunity to. The things that make a concert memorable to me, is to make it an experience. It has to draw the crowd in and make them move. It has to challenge them and inspire them. For Today did all of this in the first 4 bars. The held their audience and refused to let them go until they were good and ready. It was only the second time I had ever experienced something like this, and I am hoping it is not the last. For Today’s run as a band was littered with these types of performances, and as a group they themselves have raised that standard. Congratulations on an amazing run, and an epic show.

1# Switchfoot- Looking For America Tour 

In order to earn the #1 spot in my Top Ten Live Performance countdown, the artist has to make me want to change. Either to become a better artist, a better listener, or a better person. There has never been a band that has made me want to do all of those things. Switchfoot’s Looking For America was a performance with a purpose. Entertainment was certainly a given but it was the only show this year that I am still talking about. Minimal in production, the artists had to rely on themselves to hold their audience’s attention and they had very little issues establishing that. Although, for having the best live show of 2016, front man Jon Foreman certainly does not spend much time on the stage at all. The entire show can be summed up in an audience member’s attempt to follow him as he would randomly climb stage equipment, or take walks through the crowd. This wasn’t simply to give security a heart attack. These walks were to do what you have to in order to hold this spot, Jon Foreman was creating an experience. He truly just wanted to be closer to the fans, and even though musically it wasn’t perfect, it was still meaningful and that is all that really counts in a live show. They are raw, honest, emotional, and most importantly #1 in Egypt’s 2016 Top Ten Live Show Countdown.

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Egypt Ali has been involved in the music scene since age 7. She has been everything from an attendee to a musician herself. Her passion in music lies in hard rock scene, but she is quite familiar with contemporary christian music and alternative music. When not attending concerts or playing them, Egypt focuses time on Spoken Word Poetry, playing one of 19 instruments, or building guitars. In her spare time, she teaches drum lessons, writes short stories and hosts shows.