Last May, NextVR, a virtual reality tech company responsible for many early experiments of modern broadcasting methods, teamed up with a live-events music company to deliver live music concerts in said format. During its initial stages, the VR corporation streamed anything from sports events like boxing fight cards and the prestigious Daytona 500 to political affairs such as the Democratic debate. Now that they’ve partnered with Live Nation, expect hundreds – even thousands – of live, state-of-the-art music content in virtual reality.

Giving the overall experience in digital format has somewhat become the norm these days. Whether for online entertainment ventures such as the groundbreaking Gala Casino live dealer feature or the equally impressive 360° Virtual Reality Experience by Tourism Ohio, many people are making the most of this modern advancement. As for NextVR, they’ve stepped up their service a notch higher by promising a continuous supply of world-class live music shows on various platforms including the Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Home app. This is yet another milestone for the tech company, considering they’ve already joined up with Coldplay a couple of months back to produce a short demo teaser for the program.

NextVR’s blueprint focuses on using up-to-date visual and auditory features to attract a new wave of tech and art enthusiasts. In addition, the idea is to follow the footsteps of their previous media endeavor, after signing (an almost similar) five-year deal with broadcasting giant Fox Sports. Though it’s too soon to tell if they’ve yet to borne fruit, the partnership has the makings to set trends in news casting and break grounds in bringing an all-inclusive experience.

For one, another music-streaming service, Rhapsody, has released their version of the format, simply called Rhapsody VR. Like many of its predecessors, the virtual reality app offers a 360-degree view of concert videos, only this time; it’s specifically designed to work with Google Cardboard. Rhapsody aims to upload new content every month, adding to an already stacked roster featuring Dem Atlas, Talib Kweli, and Flatbush Zombies. Furthermore, the likes of iHeartRadio and Universal Music Group have jumped on the bandwagon and are looking to bring the same virtual reality technology to the masses.

By partnering with Live Nation, however, NextVR has not only associated their brand with an established one, they also gave themselves tons of choices in terms of live music content. Live Nation’s upcoming events highlight an array of performances from Beyonce and Rihanna, to Canadian rocker Bryan Adams and Riverdance. So if NextVR can get on-board and feature those aforementioned music greats, then sky’s the limit for both the virtual reality technology and the brand.