DREAMERS started in 2014 in Brooklyn, New York. Gaining instant attention from their debut album in November ’14, they had no clue how far dreaming would really take them. 

The rock alternative band is a trio consisting of Nick Wold as guitarist, and lead vocalist, along with Jacob Wick on drums and backup vocals, and Marc Nelson on bass and backup vocals. In their almost four years together thus far, they’ve already begun acclaiming high fame. From being recognized by Billboard, Spin, Alternative Press, and Guitar World, to joining artists and bands such as The 1975, Walk The Moon, The Vaccines, and Stone Temple Pilots. DREAMERS are sure to set off your inner adventure with their hopeful do the impossible vibe.

NEO Music Scene recently spoke on the phone with DREAMERS to discuss touring, music, and their journey so far.

Stephanie Larrison: First off, I wanted to say congratulations for your hit ‘Painkiller’, that’s gained instant fame. Is it okay to run through some questions I have for you all?

DREAMERS: Yeah thank you, absolutely. We actually just got onto our bus, we’re in the middle of the desert in Nevada.

Stephanie Larrison: Wow, I’m sure it’s a lot warmer there than it is here! So, first off, I was very curious as to how you all came up with and what inspired you to name the band DREAMERS? Along with that, also how long you all have been together?

DREAMERS: Yeah, so basically we’ve always been really into the dreaming aspect of things and writing lyrics about sleep, and dreaming, so I guess we just kind of followed through with that and realized that was what fit us as a band best. We’ve been together since November 2014, so about three years.

Stephanie Larrison: That’s really awesome, and congratulations on that as a band. Thats amazing that you all were able to come this far in such a short term. A lot of bands spend so much time just trying to get recognized, so thats rad you guys were able to grab onto that so fast.

DREAMERS: Thank you.

Stephanie Larrison: Basically my next question for you is how long have you wanted to do musical a career? Is it something you have always known you wanted to do, or something you recently decided?

DREAMERS: I actually never thought about being a musician. It was really toward the end and after high school that I realized that’s what I wanted to do. I definitely never thought I’d be where I am right now.

Stephanie Larrison: Thats really rad. Congratulations on that. Who were some of your biggest musical influences?

DREAMERS: We all grew up loving and listening to The Beatles and 60’s rock. I grew up in Seattle and I just loved all of the grunge music and style of music. Definitely a mix of 60’s and 90’s.

Stephanie Larrison: I can relate to that a lot. Do you remember your first concert? If so, who was it and how old were you?

DREAMERS: I actually remember my first concert very well. It was when I was 12 years old, we went to Deck The Hall Ball. I remember because one of the bands was the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies and they were a swing band. This guy came on stage with an acoustic guitar and everyone was actually booing him because they wanted to hear the upbeat stuff, and it actually ended up being Elliot Smith, which is insane. He’s one of my favorite song writers.

Stephanie Larrison: That’s definitely crazy, but a very memorable experience. What are you looking forward to most about your upcoming concerts?

DREAMERS: Well we’re always looking forward to any tour with bettering ourselves, and just getting better in general at how to do things with live music. We’re also looking forward to preforming new songs soon.

Stephanie Larrison: Can’t wait to hear some new songs. While I was researching you all, I noticed you did a cover of Zombies which from what I’ve seen is a huge thing to you all in regards to The Cranberries. Can you tell me what makes your version of Zombie stand out amongst other bands’?

DREAMERS: Yes, we recorded that song 2 months prior to Delores’ passing, so it was really just a close thing to our hearts when it all happened. We all grew up listening to The Cranberries so it was a shock when she passed. Only the good die young. She had a magical voice and it just always felt really politically relevant. We actually have a whole Delores tribute planned for the cover.

Stephanie Larrison: You couldn’t be more right. It was definitely tragic. I’m absolutely a big fan of your cover over other bands. You did her well. As I was looking through your website,  I saw you had a section called DREAMERS SOCIETY where people can submit dreams. How has that been for you? Can you tell me a little more about it?

DREAMERS: That kind just started out as something small where people could just interpret it into whatever they’d like and we’ve actually gotten so many submissions and notes. We get all kinds of things like peoples’ dreams, and goals. It’s awesome, we love hearing from everyone.

Stephanie Larrison: That’s very interesting. Are you all from the same area? If not where are you all from?

DREAMERS: So, me – Nick, I’m from Seattle. One of the other guys is from Maryland, and the other we met in New York, which is where we became what we are. We all moved to LA kind of like some All American Travelers to do what we’re doing now.

Stephanie Larrison: That definitely sound like an accurate name for the description. What is your favorite song to preform?

DREAMERS: It’s really hard to pick a favorite because obviously we love preforming all of our songs. Painkiller has to be a favorite, though. The crowd gets so into it and its really such a grunge-alternative rock. I love it.

Stephanie Larrison: It’s definitely made its way to peoples liking!  Do you plan on keeping any kind of theme throughout new albums?

DREAMERS: We don’t really have a concept album, but yes it’s basically with our name. We want to keep that dreaming theme throughout all of our music.

Stephanie Larrison: Awesome. I saw you’re getting prepared to go contour with All Time Low. What are your feelings towards that? 

DREAMERS: We’re so excited to be able to share the stage with them. It’s amazing that we’ve been given this opportunity.

Stephanie Larrison: Absolutely, I’m sure it will make an awesome lineup! What would you say was your favorite band to play with so far?

DREAMERS: We really can’t pick a favorite, we’ve loved all the artists and bands we’ve had the opportunity of touring with. One of our favorite experiences has been with Stone Temple Pilots. We got to tour with them back when Chester Bennington was with the band.

Stephanie Larrison: That’s awesome! I’m definitely a huge Linkin Park fan so thats amazing you had the opportunity of being on tour with them.

DREAMERS: Chester was one of the best people I’ve ever met. He was so nice to everyone. I remember at one point we were just barely staying in the cheapest motels to make it through the tour and he asked us where we were staying, and when we told him he replied with ‘no, man. I’ve got you covered’ and he bought us hotel rooms for that whole month. He was such an amazing guy.

Stephanie Larrison: Thats such a memorable experience. Do you have a favorite city to preform in?

DREAMERS: Once again, it’s just so hard to pick a favorite. We obviously love all our fans. I’d have to say Kansas, though. I feel like every time we go there everyone is so pumped and alive. Its like a party city. 

Stephanie Larrison: That definitely makes things a lot more fun! Hopefully I run into you guys in Cleveland or Cincinnati at your upcoming shows.

DREAMERS: Yeah, absolutely. come on out and see us, it’ll be blast.

Stephanie Larrison: Well, thank you all for your time, did you have any questions for me?

DREAMERS: Nope, thank you. Hopefully we’ll see you soon.

Dreamers hit the House of Blues Stage with New Politics tomorrow Night (2/16), Great tickets are still available!