If you’re from Northeast Ohio, Youngstown or the Pittsburgh PA areas – Donnie Iris And The Cruisers need no introduction. Donnie and the boys have rocked venues all over Northeast Ohio – they’ve played the HOF Rib Burnoff back in the day when it was still held downtown – they’ve played to sold-out shows at Blossom and I know that at least once before – they’ve played the Palace Theater in downtown Canton. I’m here today to bring you the good news that the Spring of 2019 will once again bring them to that venue as LiveNation has announced a March 9th show at the historic theater. Youngstown’s The Vindys will open the proceedings.

Iris and the Cruisers hit it big back in the 80’s with Ah Leah and Love Is Like A Rock and I can personally attest to the fact that they are hands down one of the best live acts ever to take a stage.

With their signature harmonies and Iris’s trademark scream – that all these years later he is still able to belt out as strong and clear as he did back then – this is a without question a show where your attendance is required.

Alright – Now I need to hear some Donnie Iris and the Cruisers – we interrupt this posting for a few moments of awesome!

The show is Saturday March 9th – a 7:30 pm start time is stated. You can check out all the show details here.

If you just want to get those tickets in you pocket – a quick CLICK HERE will grant all your wishes.