Demi Lovato reveals she has fallen off the wagon in her latest single ‘sober.’ 

The six-years-clean Disney star turned pop diva, has been open about her drug and alcohol use since the very beginning of her addiction which began over a decade ago. 

This raw and vulnerable song is not something her fans are strangers to, but it has a message they certainly hoped they would never hear from her again. Lovato completely changed her image in recent years, going from struggling Disney star with a cocaine problem to body positive, sobriety role model, which why this may come as a shock to many who idolize her transformation. 

This recent setback is hopefully only a small hiccup, and if her fans’ outpouring of love on social media is any indication of how supported she is, then she should have more than enough people backing her to get through this. 

While the song was confirmation, fans recognized strange behavior from the singer earlier in the week when she began unfollowing some of her closest friends on social media and deleting certain posts. 

In the single she apologizes to her friends and family for what she may be putting them through. Her family has been a strong support system through many of her darkest times, and are often seen publicly applauding Lovato for coming out on the other side. 

It seems her dark past is not yet behind her, but she has about the biggest cheer section a person can have; we can only hope the support will help her overcome this once again. 

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