I know this review is a bit late getting to you – and I do apologize but you know what?  This show was so good and so burned into my memory, in my mind, it’s like it just happened yesterday and it so deserves to still be discussed.

Since 2000 – The Darkness has been spreading the gospel of Rock and Roll to anyone who will stand still long enough to give a listen and they are honestly, one of the best live bands to grace a stage.  They are nothing flashy – no stage theatrics, no fog, and explosions – just good old-fashioned kick your teeth in, Rock and Roll.

A huge crowd gathered on this early April Saturday night and they would not leave disappointed.  I arrived a bit late so I missed the openers but I got there just in time for the main event. 

Everything about The Darkness harkens back – at least for me – to the great live bands of the 70’s. From their appearance to their playing style to the stage presence – it so reminds me of standing in the crowd at one of the shows of my youth. I love it!

Guitarist and lead singer Justin Hawkins was in great form this evening. Joyfully teasing and interacting with the crowd – as comfortable and charismatic as any front man I have ever witnessed.  The band plowed through a respectable 18 song set that included three encores. 

While most everyone in attendance were huge, longtime fans – singing along with every song – knowing the bands pauses and time-tested banter –  the very few that were experiencing the band for the first time got into the mood as well as soon as the opening chord of I Believe In A Thing Called Love blasted out of the PA.  The place erupted with the entire crowds singing and bouncing and partying.  There was no stopping the evening from that point.  

The Darkness – even after all these years – is still a bit of an undiscovered gem and that needs to change.  Quite simply – they are one of the best live acts touring and I can not strongly enough urge you to catch one of their shows.

The Agora is the perfect venue for a band like The Darkness – large enough to accommodate the fan base yet – still small enough that you feel one with the band. Overall, one of my favorite concert experiences of the year so far.