Technicolor-haired icon, activist and all-around Renaissance woman Cyndi Lauper made a stop on her latest tour at the Hard Rock Rocksino on May 17th.   She’s out in support of her new album Detour, a collection of country classic covers compiled from the 1930s, ‘40s and ‘50s.  Six of the fourteen songs in the set list came from this latest effort.

Early in the show, Lauper stated that some people have said that “she’s gone country.”  She later explained that her first band Blue Angel was basically a rockabilly band so this is really nothing new for her.  She said that she wanted to get back to some of the songs that reminded her of her youth.

And just like she’s done multiple times in her career: she nailed it!

Lauper even looked the part by wearing a sheer red blouse covered by a black leather bustier and a black leather fringe vest to go along with her leather pants.

“Funnel of Love,” “The End of the World,” and “I Want To Be A Cowboy Sweetheart” fit nicely into her set.  However the song that stood out the most was Patsy Cline’s “Walking After Midnight.”  Before the song, Cyndi said that she remembered watching Patsy Cline on her nana’s television when she was a little girl.  When it came time to make this album, Lauper said she wanted to include a Patsy Cline tune.  After recording the album, she decided to do a little research and as it turns out the song that Patsy sang on that television program happened to be “Walking After Midnight.”  Subconsciously, she had to record that song.

Fans from the  MTV era were also treated to many of her classic cuts.  “She Bop,” “I Drove All Night” and “Money Changes Everything” got this nearly sold-out, middle-aged crowd out of their seats.

Lauper even paid tribute to Prince.  The Purple One, known as a gracious songwriter, let many other artists record songs that he may have written but others would go on to make famous. She thanked him for always allowing her to play his song and for always contributing to her True Colors Foundation.  Starting to get a little emotional, Lauper said that she was very thankful for “being on the same planet, making music at the same time as this incredible artist.”  With that, she played a haunting version of “When You Were Mine.”

Cyndi came back for a three song encore that started with “Misty Blue.”  After some technical difficulties with her pay phone prop and in-ear monitors, Lauper restarted the song and competently completed it.

“Time After Time” became a sing-a-long and of course “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” had everyone dancing in the aisles.

The show concluded with a second encore of “True Colors.”

Cyndi Lauper is approaching forty years as a singer and her voice is as strong as ever.  The sixty-two year old keeps reinventing herself and luckily for us she shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.


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