Funny story – I ended up at this show by accident.  It’s not like I was just wandering the streets – tripped and fell into the venue – no – what I mean is, this was not my show to cover but – due to some last minute changes, I became the man at the show.

I’ve known of Coheed and Cambria for years – My first exposure came courtesy of Richard Christy of The Howard Stern Show and I lightly followed them ever since but, they weren’t in my heavy rotation.  All I can say is – what the hell have I been thinking. This band is white hot.  Holy shit.  

Coheed and Cambria have been labeled “conceptual metal’ meaning, all their or at least most of their albums are interconnected – all telling a story, weaving a tale that is ongoing to this day.  The band will be releasing a new album later this year – Vaxis – Act I: The Unheavenly Creatures which from what I was being told at the show, will continue the Amory Wars storyline – the mythos built with their previous concept albums. 

Now – I don’t know anything about any of that but what I can tell you is that the level of musical prowess and talent that took the Jacob’s Pavillion stage is unrivaled.  Even though I was hearing the bulk of this music for the first time – I found myself transported on the same musical journey as the legion of hardcore fans that were in attendance.  A simple, yet impressive stage show highlighted the performance while not taking away from the dynamic display of musicianship occurring.

While watching the attending crowd it becomes very clear that this band draws a fierce and loyal crowd.  They are as involved in the story being told as they are in the music being played. They hung on every word, every note  – complete devotion.

The band rocked out a 13 song set but for this first-time witness bearer, the final two songs were the most impressive.  From their new album, they played Unheavenly Creatures whose heavy melodies and sheer power forces you to stop and take notice.  This song has mega-hit written all over it – and the band played the hell out of it.

They ended the evening with what is probably their most notable song to date – Welcome Home.  

These guys blew my mind. The level of talent and musicianship they demonstrate is not often seen, particularlly in a live setting. They often find themselves compared to the likes of Rush and I sensed a bit of old school Queensryche that stood out to me.  I love the metal storytelling that is going on and you bet your ass that the first thing I did upon getting home was to log in and download their catalogue from Apple Music.

Take if from a long time metal fan – you will be hard pressed to find a better example of metal as art then Coheed and Cambria.