Christian Rapper NF Brings His Message To The Masses

Twenty-six-year-old rap artist Nathan Feuerstein (NF) is racking up major points in both the Christian hip-hop and mainstream hip-hop music industry. After releasing three albums three years in a row, he’s definitely catching the publics eyes. 
Unlike many newer artists, NF shows a raw, dark, and real truth to every song he writes. From abuse, overdose, suicide, self-harm, and even self-doubt, NF brings it all to the table. He lives and creates by one simple phrase; REAL MUSIC. He very specifically points out and says that his music solely depends on only real things. He speaks of his past, future, and present causing everyone to have the chance to communicate through his voice the way he does for himself.
In regards to his place as a Christian musician, he is signed to Capitol Christian Music Group but prefers to not be labeled as a Christian rapper. His preference of this is due to wanting everyone to be able to relate to him, not just one labeled part of society, which he’s obviously accomplished very successfully.
With his third album Perception being released in 2017, it trumped the Billboard Chart for a whole week in October, deeming him the best-selling musician in the entire country, marking both Christian and secular markets. Saying we’re excited for what will come in 2018 is an immense understatement.