With a dramatically compassionate intro to Chris Tomlin’s Worship Night In America, Billy Graham’s voice filled the arena as exactly six microphones lined the the front of the stage. That one simple sound rewarded the bustling crowd with pure peace, and tranquility. The lights dimmed, and we were all reminded with a warm embrace from one of the most influential Christians of our time. 

As the phrase ‘Jesus is alive’ roared past the mass with a softening fade, everyone greeted all six artists as they simultaneously commenced to center stage. We were greeted with the forceful unity of all the artists singing ‘The Is Amazing Grace’. In immediate shadowing of the track, we were introduced by Chris Tomlin himself to all the artists, including Kim Walker-Smith of Jesus Culture, Matt Maher, Christine D’Clario, Tauren Wells, and Pat Barret.

One of the most phenomenal pieces of Worship Night, was arguably Tauren Wells’ track ‘Hills & Valleys’. We were captured not only by Wells’ expertise with a piano, but additionally the fierce talent of his stunningly intricate detailed vocals. Additionally we were given the stunning opportunity of hearing Christine D’Clario’s passionately fearless talent. The most unforgettable moment I was greeted with during this concert, was the love D’Clario not only showed the Latino community, but the insane response she was consumed with herself.

In conclusion, there’s not a single poor quality I received from Worship Night. The room was in constant unison, and the love felt by every last person in the Wolstein Center was excessively overflowing. If you’re looking to be greeted with an uncontrollable abundance of affection from people who value their love for Jesus above all else, then you’ve found the right place.