Country singer Chris Lane will be opening up the show for Nelly and Florida Georgia Line on Friday, August 11 at Blossom Music Center.

Lane released his first album last year titled Girl Problems and had two songs “Fix” and “For Her” that landed in the Top 20 on Billboard’s Country chart.  We chatted with Chris about his career, his plans for the future and his upcoming show at Blossom.  


Greg Drugan:  Hey Chris, thanks for taking some time out today.  How’s the tour been going so far?

Chris Lane:  Man, it’s been amazing!  It’s the most hyped tour I’ve ever been a part of.  Those guys have been so good to me, taking me out on tour when I had no music out. Now I have a record out and a couple of songs on the radio, it’s a little different this time around.  I’m so grateful that they allow me to be apart of an amazing tour and a great line up

GD:  This is the 3rd tour you’ve done with Florida Georgia Line, what is it like working with those guys?

CL:  Yes, I did one Canadian tour with them and then I did a baseball stadium tour with them and Nelly maybe three years ago.  Yeah, we’re really good friends and the camaraderie is really good out on the road.  We usually get a workout in everyday, and they have a bus out there where you can songwrite.  I can jump out there with them or whoever the songwriters that are there.  It’s a lot of fun.  

GD:  What do you like to do to pass the time while you are on the road?

CL:  Man.  I get a workout in most days.  I also try and play as much golf as possible.  That my thing, I’m obsessed with it and can’t get enough of it!  I don’t get to play everyday, but I try to get out there.  Golf is my jam!

GD:  We have a great course right next to where you’re going to be playing on Friday;  Firestone Country Club is close by and they just held a tournament there.  It would be great if you could get on those links!

CL:  Yeah, yeah!  I’m gonna try and set that up!

GD:  What’s the one thing you have to have with you when you are on tour?

CL:  A personal item would be a fan.  I have to have a fan on high or I wouldn’t be able to sleep without it.  That’s the one thing that I wouldn’t be able to function without.

GD:  You were a Division I baseball player at UNC Charlotte.  What was your position and how did you get hurt?

CL:  I played center field and I actually tore my ACL twice.  I was just running and I made a cut and my knee popped.  The second time I knew exactly what it was, and up to that point in my life I had never been hurt or broken a bone or nothing.  I had been playing sports my whole life and I knew something was really wrong.  It caused me not to be able to move on after college which I was really bummed out but now I’m super grateful that it didn’t.  There was a different plan that I didn’t know about at that time and I’m lucky and grateful and blessed that I get to do this now.  In my eyes and my heart, I’m way more passionate about music than I was in any sport.

GD:  After getting hurt, what made you decide to try to be a country singer?

CL:  I never really had the “man, I want to be a country singer” kinda thing.  I really enjoyed singing and loved singing along with the radio and stuff, but it never really crossed my mind that I could make a career as an artist.  Once I started playing the guitar and singing and that’s where I really developed my passion about music and playing live.  Then I started writing my own music and it just took off from there.

GD:  That’s great!  When did you realize that you could sing?

CL:  When I was in high school I would be singing along with the radio and my friends would be like “man, you can actually sing.”  Nobody in my family sings or anything.  My parents said that me and my twin brother had good voices.  I was like “Yeah, whatever.”  At that point in my life I only had one thing on my mind and that was sports.  I wish now, that I had known that I would be doing something like this because I would have taken lessons.  I guess I wouldn’t trade it for anything though.  Everything happens for a reason.

GD:  I totally agree!  Who were some of your influences growing up?

CL:  I loved everything from Garth Brooks to Alan Jackson to Usher to the Backstreet Boys.  You name it, and I listened to it and I loved it.  Yeah, it was all over the spectrum.

GD:  Who was the first person you saw in concert?

CL:  I want to say it was the Backstreet Boys.  I didn’t get to go to a whole lotta concerts growing up because my parents didn’t have a whole lot of money.  When I started getting into my later years in high school and college I worked a job for my dad doing landscaping so I could use that money and do the things that I wanted to do.  

GD:  What was it like earning a gold record for “Fix?”  That’s quite an accomplishment in this day an age.

CL:  Certainly it feels really good!  You never know what’s going to happen.  You just write as good of music as possible.  It feels really good to work hard for something and to see people react in that way.  I just found out my second single is gold now as well!  It’s really cool to see people react to that and show up for shows and sing the words.  As an artist, that’s the pinnacle!

GD:  Congratulations! How did you get hooked up with The Bachelor?  That appearance certainly helped you song “For Her.”

CL:  I’ve always been a fan of the show, even in the early years.  I noticed that they always had an artist on the show and a lot of country artists started doing it.  So I told my team that I would love to do it, if it could happen.  The next thing I know, I was asked to be on the show and sing one of my songs “For Her” and I jumped all over that.

GD:  Are there any plans to record new music?

CL:  I’m actually in the studio right now.  Over the next three days I’ll be trying to finish my next record.  We’re kinda in crunch mode right now.  We’re hoping to get some stuff out this fall but we’ll see what happens.  There’s a lot of factors that goes into it.  My goal is to get new music out this fall because I’ll be doing my own headlining tour after this tour with Florida Georgia Line ends in October.  I’d love to have some material out there.

GD:  What can fans expect from your show in Cleveland on Friday?

CL:  My job is get out there and get the crowd pumped up.  Nelly comes out right after myself then Florida Georgia Line is on top of that and they bring a lot of energy to the table.  So I try to make my set as upbeat as possible.  I throw one little cover medley in there that I know people will sing along to and have a good time with.  My job is to get ‘em pumped up and that’s what I try to do!

GD:  Chris, thanks again for your time and we look forward to seeing you on Friday at Blossom Music Center.

CL:  Ok, I appreciate it.  Thank you so much!


Be sure to catch Chris Lane open up for Florida Georgia Line at Blossom this Friday August 11th.  

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