Sometimes vocal harmonies and acoustic instruments are all you need to put on a great a show.  That was the case Thursday night at The Kent Stage as Chris Hillman, Herb Pederson and John Jorgenson played a fantastic set of acoustic tunes that featured guitars, mandolins and their amazing harmonies.

Chris Hillman is out supporting his latest CD Bidin’ My Time which was produced by Tom Petty.  At the start of the show, Hillman said that he was “dedicating the show to my good friend, Tom Petty.”  Later in the show, he paid tribute to Petty by playing a great version of “Wildflowers” that is also featured on his new CD.

Individually, Hillman was a part of The Byrds, Manassas and the Flying Burrito Brothers.  Pederson was a member of The Dillards, and all three men were a part of the Desert Rose Band.  Music from all aspects of their career were expertly performed.

Hillman sang lead on most songs but the other two men got to showcase their vocal abilities.  First, Jorgenson sang lead on the Byrds “Set You Free This Time” and Pederson took the lead on “She Sang Hymns Out Of Tune,” a song that he recorded with The Dillards.

Throughout the show, John and Chris traded off on mandolins and acoustic guitars, however Jorgenson was the one who played lead on every song and he laid down some tasty solos.

They played perfect acoustic versions of The Byrds “Turn!, Turn!, Turn!” and “Eight Miles High” and their harmonies were exquisite.  Jorgenson stepped up to a piano to play “Different Rivers” and Pederson also got to sing lead on “Wait A Minute.”

Tributes were also paid to some of their other influences including Buck Owens’ “Together Again” and the show closing “Rank Strangers” by The Stanley Brothers.

It truly was a throwback concert where nothing mattered except the music, the vocals and of course, the lyrics.