Closer creators The Chainsmoker’s dropped a single this week titled Somebody. Just since 7 hours ago, the song has reached a total of over 50k views from Youtube alone. To tell you this song is getting us excited for anything coming up in regards to the band is quite the understatement. 

Featuring Drew Love as the first vocals heard, your body will thank you. Stating I won’t blame it on my faults again/I know I should forget her/I don’t really like anybody/So don’t tell me I’m like anybody else puts us at a halt in regards to how widely relatable just those simplistic 4 verses in the song are to everyone, and anyone. Throughout the song, Drew Love and Andrew Taggert slide their smooth and soft vocals back and fourth speaking of trying to keep yourself in a place where you’ve had everything you’ve ever dreamed of in life, but not having that one person you want that you never realized you needed; yourself and who you love.

In addition to the alluring vocals and lyrics in this song, the rhythm is equally as intense. The simple piano entrance into the song tip-toeing around Love’s vocals captures you immediately. Throughout the center we reach a point where we have more of an electronic-pop feel. The slight upbeat section brings us up only to drop us back down to the piano sounding intro, and end us all together with a trailing piano exit completely opposite of what we heard in the into.

You can check out Somebody by The Chainsmokers now at