Hard to believe that it’s been 40 years since the first chords of Walk Right In rang through my speakers.  I can still remember picking the album up at the local record store and rushing home to give it that first spin.

Johan Koslen is Cleveland rock royalty.  We’ve covered this ground before – my thoughts on the man, his music and his place in CLE music history are well noted and also have the added value of being very true.  Every year it seems Jonah finds a special way to return home and give us all a breathtaking example of why we hold him in such high regard but 2019 is going to be an extra special event  – Jonah just took to Facebook to announce the following show.

“Jonah Koslen is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the 1979 release of the classic 1st Breathless album with this very special show! Jonah and his band will play the Breathless album in its entirety, along with a 2nd set filled with classic MSB and solo favorites.”

Oh yeah – I am so there – and you should be as well.  The show is Feb. 16th of 2019 at the Music Box Supper Club which is a fantastic place to catch a show.  You can catch all the details you could possibly need by CLICKING HERE and locking in those seats.

To tantalize your eardrums a bit – rock out to this classic for a few seconds first!