Living legend Brian Wilson will bring his version of the Beach Boys to Northfield’s Hard Rock Rocksino this Saturday, April 22nd. They’ll play the seminal album Pet Sounds in its entirety. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the album, which is now considered one of the best albums ever laid down, Wilson, Al Jardine and ’70s-era Beach Boy Blondie Chaplin will lead the band.

A sonically-intricate masterpiece, the album didn’t sell too well and was considered a flop, both artistically and commercially, upon its release. Over the years the album, as well as the mad-scientist maestro behind it, have both gained the respect that they so rightfully deserve.

Can’t stress enough, folks. If you want to see a legend in concert performing one of the most-cherished and critically-acclaimed albums ever recorded, then this show is the one you need to check out. It’s a Saturday night; you owe it to yourself to see Mr. Wilson and company doing what they do best.

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