Our overall verdict "Abysmal"

The British rock band The Babys had a brief but very successful career earning two songs on Billboard’s Top 15 chart and several other radio hits.  After playing their last concert in Akron in 1981, the band broke up and the members went their separate ways.

After a 32-year hiatus, original members Wally Stocker and Tony Brock decided to get the band back together.  They brought on vocalist/bassist John Bisaha and guitarist Joey Skyes in 2013 and released I’ll Have Some of That! in 2014.

Last fall they played to a sold-out Tangier crowd and ten months later they returned to the same venue for an incredible encore.

The Babys are back!

Opening the show with a great one two punch of “Back on My Feet Again” and “Midnight Rendezvous,” the audience knew that they were in for a great night of classic rock.

Bisaha noted that they would be playing songs from all six of The Babys albums which got approval from the crowd.  He also congratulated Akron and the Cavaliers for winning the NBA Championship as he deadpanned “Yeah, that Lebron James is okay.

Two songs were played from their latest release, the number five adult contemporary hit “I See You There” and “Sunrise and Goodbye’s” that featured the two female backup singers Holly Bisaha and Elisa Chadbourne.

Keyboardist Francesco Saglietti got to take the spotlight on “Darker Side of Town” where just he and John Bisaha were on the stage.

Towards the end of the show, Tony Brock proved that he is still a great drummer with plenty of dexterity by pounding the skins for a nice solo.

The set ended with one of their biggest hits “Every Time I Think of You” and “Turn and Walk Away.”

Everyone in the audience was on their feet as the band came back to close the show with a vivacious version of “Head First.”

Yes indeed, The Babys are back!