Asking Alexandria’s Ben Bruce took to Facebook Friday night to clear up the question we’ve all been asking, Danny or Denis? The band’s cryptic social media posts, as well as a recent tour trailer drop by Sumerian Records answered very little, raising only more speculations and fueling even more rumors.

In an effort to answer some questions, Ben took to Facebook, conducting a live chat to let fans know at least a little bit of what is going on:

To cut a long story short, we didn’t kick Denis out of the band, he just stopped talking to us.”

I received a message from him, something along the lines of ‘Asking Alexandria does not exist.’

Ben goes on to mention that AA is back to it’s original five members and that they will continue to push forward. He states that everything with Danny is now behind them, and that everyone has moved on from it. More details are to be explained at a later time when the band can address the issues together.

To see Ben’s chat, visit the band’s Facebook page: