Ann Wilson has one of those voices that transcends time and logic. For over 40 years we have been treated to her powerful, dynamic vocals and on Saturday night she brought an incredibly powerful performance to an appreciative crowd at the Hard Rock Rocksino.

Primarily known for her time spent with sister Nancy in Heart – Ann has taken to performing these more personal – intimate settings and we are all better for her efforts. Sporting a full back up band – Ann hit the stage for a marathon 16 song set that featured the majority of her high points with Heart but also brought us an interesting mix of covers that ranged from The Eagles to Percy Mayfield, even a couple of numbers from The Who thrown in for good measure.

The first thing you notice upon attending this evening with Ann Wilson is that her voice is as strong as it’s ever been. The lady can belt it – hearing her sing live needs to become a high priority in your life. This evening brought several breath-taking moments – those “hair on your arm stands up” kinds of things that only the knowledge that you are hearing something truly spectacular can produce.

The simplicity of the stage show works in the evening’s favor as the reason you are there is to hear Ann sing and while the production quality is high – the stage antics at no point take away from the vocal fireworks that Ann is producing – and that is exactly how it should be.

While each and every song selection was spot on – the fans seemed to react strongest to the hits produced with her sister in Heart. No giant surprise there, right?

Barracuda – the classic rock mainstay sounded as fresh and exciting as it did when it first hit the airwaves all those years ago. Crazy On You and A Million Miles both brought the house down.

Personally, though – her rendition of Alone was worth the trip in and of itself. Her voice shook the walls and the emotion she somehow manages to emote through her vocal style forms a connection that is undeniable. People stood slack-jawed – literally in awe of what they have witnessed. You just don’t witness talent like that every day.

So – you might be wondering – why so many covers of classic artists? Well, it turns out that Ann is hard at work on a new project titled IMMORTAL, which will feature the classic songs of some incredible artists who we’ve lost in recent years. Based on what we heard in Cleveland on Saturday night – this could end up being one of the best albums of the year. Ann is early into the tour – this was like the fourth stop in what is only a handful of solo performances – she then spends the summer touring with Paul Rodgers and Jeff Beck in what is being called the ‘Stars Align’ tour.

If you want to check and see if the tour will be hitting anywhere near you – just click here.

I had never been treated to seeing Ann live before and I have to say she blew my mind with her incredible talent, power, and range. I always knew she was good – I now know she just may be one of –  if not the premiere rock vocalist touring.

Make a point to experience Ann Wilson in concert as soon as humanly possible.