Akron Ohio power trio Devilstrip just released their sophomore album Gravitate via Broken Road Records and it is a must own collection of classic, powerful Northeast Ohio rock that perfectly illustrates the heart and soul of what it means to grow up as a rock fan in our little neck of the woods.

Consisting of Marc Wasmund on lead vocals and guitar with Graig Lindgren thundering a massive back beat on bass – while also lending pitch perfect backing vocals and Jimmy Gray holding it all together on drums – and helping out on backing vocal duties as well – the band sounds much larger and fuller then they have a right too. These three men are producing music for all the right reasons – mainly because they freaking love it and it shows not only in their powerful performance but also in the message and delivery of each and every track.

Gravitate brings us 10 new tracks and underlines a progression in the bands development that is undeniable. I’ve been fortunate to have been following Devilstrip for a few years now – my first exposure occurring when I caught them as an opening act for Steel Panther at a House of Blues show and was completely blown away by their huge sound and dynamic original tunes. Since that night I have easily seen them several dozen times and can honestly tell you – I have never been unimpressed with their passion or performance. The band has been working on Gravitate since I’ve been following them and this release serves as a testament to hard work, vision and dedication – and the payoff that comes from having volumes of each.

So, let’s talk about Gravitate. As I mentioned – this collection is 10 songs strong and the opening track is one that I’ve listened to the band hone in a live setting for a few years now. Snakebite is plain and simple – an old school rocker. Ballsy and bluesy and pure power to behold, it kicks the collection off on the right foot and I double dog dare you to not be singing along with this one by the second time you listen to it.

What follows are nine more selections – all in the same vein. The message is clear, the music tight and the rocking is non-stop.

While there is honestly not a bad track on Gravitate – my personal favorite is Catch My Breath – a well crafted, solid rock and roll song that screams to be blared in your car with the windows down and the warm summer breeze blowing around you. A perfect example of how a well placed song can totally change the outcome of your day. Catch My Breath needs to be caught and released as a single – just my humble opinion.

One of the best things in the world is watching a band evolve into greatness and Devilstrip is well on their way. Gravitate signals a growth – a natural evolution from opening band to feature act – at the end of the day it’s the songs and the message that they convey that elevates any band to new heights and with Gravitate, Devilstrip not only finds their voice – they build a message that I think many will hear loud and clear.

Gravitate is a “must-own” collection not only for music fans but also for anyone who shares the belief that if you believe in yourself and your passion – it is destined to become a reality.

Track Listing

  1. Snakebite
  2. Testify
  3. Gravitate
  4. Skin
  5. Silent
  6. Came To Fight
  7. Bitter
  8. Catch My Breath
  9. Rider
  10. Water

I know you’re going to want to pick this one up so you can CLICK HERE and get it from Amazon. It’s also available via Apple Music or Google Play – should you rather use on of their services. Also – keep tabs on all things Devilstrip by following them on Facebook.