Album Review: Dee Snider – For The Love Of Metal


If 5 years ago someone had walked up to you and said that in 2018 the hardest, loudest, most impressive metal album in years would be coming at you from Dee Snider – frontman of Twisted Sister, you would have likely rammed a drumstick in their ear and walked away laughing hysterically.

But – here we are  – mid-2018 and For The Love Of Metal just hit metal fans square in the face and Dee Snider has gone and put together one of the best copulations of metal music that I have ever heard.

The story goes – it was actually kind of a dare.  Hatebreed frontman Jamie Jasta dared Snider to record a modern metal album – Jasta believed in the project so much that he actually produced the album. He also got a shit load of other current metalheads to write, perform and back this labor of love.  The end result is a white-hot collection of 12 of the best metal tracks you are likely to ever hear.

The songs were written with Sniders style and range in mind – and Snider took those songs and he performs the living hell out of them. Passion and power the likes of which is hardly ever seen these days.

From the opening riffs of Lies Are A Business – the album grabs you by the throat and refuses to let you look away for even one second. Just when you think you’ve got the album figured out – you understand the message and performance – the rug is ripped from beneath you and you find youself lying on the floor wondering what the hell happened.

So many stand out moments on For The Love Of Metal – you’re going to get sick of listening to me rant about it so – let’s just hit the high points shall we?

First off – the whole album in nothing but one huge high point. If this collection doesn’t get your blood pumping and head banging – you have no business calling yourself a metal head. But even with all the excellence assembled a couple of tracks rise (if only slightly) above the pack. Tomorrow’s No Concern is an anthem of self respect and self reliance. If you’re looking for a song to lift your spirits and make you feel good about yourself – you’ve found it.

For me Become The Storm is the stand out track. Full of classic metal hooks, harmonies and self empowerment- it’s just too much damn fun not to love. This should become a legacy track for Snider – right up there with We’re Not Gonna Take It and I Wanna Rock

The albums title track – For The Love Of Metal – puts it all in focus – what Dee’s about, what Metal is about and why this album is going to end up being a rally call for metal heads everywhere. Snider sums it all up perfectly with one of the last phrases you hear on the album – “We’re All Fu@*ing Metal”

The brother and sisterhood of metal should celebrate as For The Love Of Metal proves that the little black heart of our beloved music is beating loud, strong and clear and all it took was for one legendary frontman to join hands with those of whom his career inspired to bring us a collection of true metal magic.

For The Love Of Metal is a 5 out of 5 for this old headbanger.

Stop what you’re doing – right now – go buy this album, click here.

You can thank me for making you do it later.