Death is a sensitive subject for many, and most tend to live in fear of it. The November 2015 Paris attacks occurred four days before Fit For A King was set to play a show in Paris. The event shook the community, the world, and the music industry as a whole.  While most became afraid, constantly looking over their shoulder in fear, Fit For A King became pissed off.

Nobody wants to live their life in fear. Nobody should have to contemplate going to a concert because they’re going to get mowed down by a guy with a machine gun. It’s infuriating that that’s even a thing.” –Bobby Lynge, guitarist.

On October 7th Fit For A King will release “Deathgrip”, an album representing the inescapable nature of death and the effect that it has on the way we lead our lives. The band reached out to their fans, asking them to share their stories and were flooded with responses. Jake Luhrs of August Burns Red, and Levi Benton of Miss May I were also recruited for the album.

The album kicks off with a short, 48-second intro song appropriately titled “The End’s Beginning.” It starts the album off with a breakdown, leading us right into “Pissed Off”, a song the band wrote as their reaction to the murders. It’s one of the heavier tracks on the album, fueled by anger throughout the duration of the song. Heavy moshing will ensue with this one.

Fit For A King took the theme of death out of it’s one dimensional form with the song “Dead Memory” (ft Jake Luhrs). Jake Luhrs and Ryan Kirby present us with complimentary vocals as the song discusses abandonment by a family member, the figurative death of a spirit.  Using an anonymous fan’s submitted story, “Cold Room” discusses the death of a child. The combination of clean and unclean vox does an excellent job at bringing forth the emotional aspect of the song.

Kirby’s vocal diversity and impressive range throughout the album rounds it out nicely. There’s no shortage of breakdowns and riffs, with ample opportunity for endless amounts of moshing and head banging. With this album, Fit For A King proves once again that they are so much more than just a one-dimensional, metalcore band from Texas. “Deathgrip” is a combination of familiarity from previous albums with an added breath of fresh air. Despite the sensitive themes surrounding the album, “Deathgrip” will easily be one of Fit For A King’s best albums to date.

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